Our Story

As we were playfully lamenting that repetitive scenario, it became very clear that you have to actually WANT the pain so you can get to the pleasure that lies on the other side of healing.

Honestly, for most folks, the idea of actually wanting pain seems pretty crazy.

But you know what type of person wants and gets pleasure from pain? A masochist.

And who wants the pain and pleasure of personal growth? A Spiritual Masochist!

We finally had a way to describe that whole spiritual growth cycle and the person who has the courage to keep coming back for more even though they know it’s totally gonna suck until they get to the other side each time.

The other key component that we came to understand is that personal growth is a lonely bitch and no one will ever have the exact same experience or fully understand what you’ve gone through to get where you are.

So, we wanted to not only create a way for people to identify with what it takes to be a Spiritual Masochist but also build a community and offer ways to help further each of our personal transformations and that of the world as well.

We offer products as a tangible reminder of the strength and courage it takes to face our deepest fears and we will soon be adding interviews with teachers and healers, links to amazing resources and creating a scholarship to help make personal growth more affordable for everyone.

Thank you so much for visiting Spiritual Masochist!

We look forward to continually serving you with thoughtful irreverence.