We love collaborating with other spiritually minded businesses!

Here are the ways we enjoy offering our unique services to help your business and make your clients feel amazing.

License our goodness
In this offering, you can license one or more of our signature phrases for use on your products. The licensing fee is $1,500 per year and additional fees apply if you choose to use our services for design or application to products that you can purchase through our portal.

Create a custom phrase
We’ve got some creative and crafty wordsmiths on our team who are incredibly adept at and love coming up with cheeky spiritual phrases. For a one time fee of $2,200, we will put our noggin power to use and deliver 3-5 phrases for you, provide 3-5 designs for the chosen phrase and apply it to one product which can be purchased from the portal page we will create for you. If you’d like your custom, kick ass phrase to be applied to more products, we can do that too for $75 per product.

Make your phrase sparkle
So, you’ve already got a phrase you love but you’re looking for some design help to make it come to life? Our design team has over 30 years of experience creating award winning designs that make you and your clients look real real good. For $700, we will provide 3-5 designs for you to choose from. And, if you’d like us to apply that design to a product and purchase it through our portal, we’re happy to do that for $75 per product.

We look forward to collaborating with you and adding some Spiritual Masochist special sauce so your business has all the flavor your clients are looking for in their lives.

Email us or book a call to learn more and see if we’re aligned to make amazing things together.