Bradford Scott Walton

Bradford was born a month late in Baytown, Texas to a couple of loving and supportive parents who met in the choir at Baylor University. After the extra incubation time and an extended period of being upside down, he was born with a bit of a cone head and came out looking more like the alien he’d later find out he is than your average baby.

At the age of four, the family unit (which now included a baby sister), headed west to Los Angeles so that Bradford’s dad could focus on finishing his doctorate in music at USC. While the need for money ended up superseding the doctoral desires, the family found a cute little craftsman house in Redondo Beach and settled in to life in Southern California.

One of Bradford’s first understandings about himself was that he seemed to be “other.” Like he just didn’t seem to be made of the same stuff or something. It was at the little house in Redondo when that otherness showed itself in the form of his first dream state vision. In that vision, during a nap at the age of five, he was shown his parents getting divorced. Upon waking, he immediately went in to the living room to ask his parents if they were ever going to get divorced. They looked at each other with surprise and then assured little Bradford that divorce was never going to happen. But he knew they were “lying” —or more correctly, that they didn’t have the same information he did— and he ran broken hearted back to his room and cried so hard for the loss of his family. The divorce didn’t happen until twelve years later, but he wasn’t surprised when the family conversation was had in the living room informing the children of their decision to split.

It was kind of a lot for his Sky Homies to throw at him right out of the gate but as most Spiritual Masochists know, the learnings, experiences and releases don’t always come in softly. Lots of times they come through in big ways that expand our understanding of self and challenge us in a way that causes us to grow.

At the age of sixteen, Bradford had a new kind of energetic experience while lying in bed with what is still to this day the most excruciating headache he’s ever had. Suddenly, he was standing inside and at the front of his head which was a white room with a ceiling shaped like the top of his skull. When he looked toward the back of his head, which is where the pain was, he noticed a big, black ball. So, he walked over to it, used his hands to compress it down to the size of a softball, opened a door in the back of his head and threw it out. And just like that, the headache was gone!

Now on his fifty-fifth trip around the sun, the number and diversity of intense, energetic and spiritual experiences Bradford has had is too big for a bio but he is working on a series of videos telling the stories and the transformational impacts they’ve had on his life. Those can be found on the Spiritual Masochist Instagram and YouTube accounts so give us a follow there.

Bradford is very passionate about the need for greater awareness and an increased value of the feminine energy on this planet. His deep understanding of the masculine + feminine energetic equation informs and influences his life and work on every level and it is his greatest wish to be part of and experience in his lifetime a massive energetic shift that allows the masculine to relax into its natural state and the feminine to breathe the biggest sigh of relief as it realizes it can finally just BE.

Bradford now spends most of his time in Sayulita, Mexico creating designs, posts and content for Spiritual Masochist as well as being an energy healer doing local sessions for people in Sayulita and remote sessions for those abroad.

Remember, you can be without doing but you cannot do without being. So, elevating your state of being is the most important thing you can do.

Happy Spiritual Masochisting!